Cost of applying information technology to business

Some people feel that implementing information technology can be too costly and thus, won’t be of any help. To understand the cost involved in implementing IT, let us try to answer few question.

How much does it cost us to use GMail or any other email service? Well, most of them including GMail allows us to send and receive emails for free. But if we try to look at benefits that we can get by using email, we will see that it’s really a very helpful service. When compared to postal service, which used to take days to deliver a message, email is delivered instantly. That’s a huge benefit. Email service also helps in saving mass cutting of trees, as it is not dependent on paper. Consider all these benefits and compare it to the cost of using postal service.

How much does it cost to make international calls using VOIP systems? In some cases we can make VOIP calls for free, and in few other cases it turns out to be lot cheaper than regular international phone calls. That’s the reason why we see lot of people using services like skype.

How much does it cost to create or edit documents using tools like Google docs? Thanks to such tools, we don’t have to be dependent on one machine to work on our documents. We can create our documents from one machine connected to the Internet and access or edit it from any other system connected to the net. We can also allow other people to simultaneously edit those documents. Tools of this sort have helped lot of organizations to collaborate easily and effectively.

Thanks to the tools and services available on Internet, we can start applying information technology to your business either for free or at a marginal cost. Even when the cost is involved, we can see that these tools offer us lot of benefits that are not provided by the traditional services.

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