About Us

PresentSoft: Unwinding ComplexitiesPresentSoft is a company with an aim to help businesses and organizations to adopt the power of Information Technology. IT (Information Technology), as it stands today, can help you to:

  • Market your products and services to wide group of interested people
  • Increase profits
  • Effectively manage repetitive tasks which involves management of your business data
  • Access and analyze the status of your business even if you are on holiday
  • Build your brand quickly with the help of your field knowledge

This list is still not complete. Depending on your business, IT can provide you with lot of other benefits as well.

So, what is the role of PresentSoft?

Good question! To start with, we can help you in understanding and deciding how Information Technology can be integrated with your business. Once we understand the needs of your business, we can even help you in implementing those suggestions. As we focus more on business benefits, we try to implement solutions using the technologies that help us in delivering the value as quickly and effectively as possible. As of now, we have implemented systems using following technologies:

  • Ruby
    • Ruby on Rails (RoR)
    • Sinatra
  • .Net
    • C# (Using .Net framework and Mono)
  • PHP
  • Scheme (Functional programming)

Do you provide SEO (Search Engine Optimization) services?

When you get your web application developed from us, we try to ensure that it is designed with SEO in mind. Kindly understand that we do not provide link-building services. However, we can help you in selecting freelancers that can provide link-building services for you.

I want to know more. How can I contact you?

Kindly use the “Contact Us” page. Due to Spam attacks, we are not providing our email details on the website.